Appearances of MEGO's Micronaut Toys in the Marvel Comic Series

YEAR 1 (1979)

Issue #1: As one might expect, a great many of the toys make their debut in issue 1. In order of appearance, they are: Acroyear, Oberon, Stratatstation (the tower portion), Microtron, Time Traveler, Galactic Cruiser, Acroyear II (Shaitan), Baron Karza (in centaur form - Karza's horse Andromeda never appears by itself in the series), Biotron, Giant Acroyear (as the Deathtank), and Thorium Orbiter.

Issue #2: Here, Commander Rann first dons his Space Glider wings, and the Battle Cruiser makes its debut. Also, the two Acroyears who are piloting the Battle Cruiser are actually the two arms of the Giant Acroyear! This can be seen more clearly in Issue #3 (page 3). And finally, on the splash page, the character Bug is referred to as Galactic Warrior despite that fact that he is clearly nothing like the toy! This mislabeling continues for several issues before it is eventually dropped.

Issue #4: This is the first of many appearances by Phobos. Also, Ultronic Scooter makes a cameo, and the Astro Station is introduced.

Issue #5: Two modified Hydra vehicles guard over the infamous Body Banks.

Issue #6: The elusive Satellite Survey Station can be seen on page 11, along with a slightly modified Neon Orbiter. On page 15, several ships appear. Among them are Rhodium Orbiter, Photon Sled, and the "Type 2" version of Interplanetary Headquarters. Finally, on page 30, we see the Galactic Command Center (also a "Type 2").

Issue #7: Dallan Rann appears in a flashback wearing the armor of Force Commander (no helmet). Mobile Exploration Lab makes an appearance, and Hydro-Copter is introduced.

Issue #8: Prince Argon becomes Force Commander in centaur form.

Issue #9: Giant Acroyear appears in full form, and in every possible combination you can think of! The complete Hydra appears, as well.

Issue #10: If you look closely, you might recognize Nemesis on page 14, and there's a Solarion ship pictured on page 17.

Issue #12: Several Taurion ships are shown on pages 14 & 15.

Annual #1: Two of the three short stories in this issue were thinly disguised excuses for introducing these new toys: Galactic Defender, Hornetroid, Repto, and Terraphant.

YEAR 2 (1980)

Issue #15: Antron makes his first of many appearances... and on the cover, no less.

Issue #17: The Trons appear - Alphatron, Betatron, and Gammatron.

Issue #18: Star Searcher is depicted.

Issue #22: First appearance of Centaurus!

Issue #23: The character of Pharoid is introduced, but he looks nothing like the toy.

Issue #24: Pharoid's Time Chamber is shown.

Annual #2: Kronos has a cameo. Sharkos makes an appearance in this episode.

YEAR 3 (1981)

Issue #35: Lobros finally appears. Ampzilla also makes an appearance.

Issue #36: Lobstros makes an appearance.

Issue #50: Ampzilla meets his maker in this episode.