Summary of the Micronauts Comics

Comic 1#1- Commander Rann (Space Glider) returns to Homeworld with Biotron from his 1,000 year exploratory voyage across the Microverse in his ship, the Endeavor. The evil Baron Karza has taken over, however, and Rann escapes with Marionette, Bug, Acroyear, and Microtron.

Comic 2#2- Travelling through the Spacewall, the Micronauts land on Earth, where they are only 6 inches tall. They befriend Steve Coffin, and fight off Battle Cruisers commanded by Prince Shaitan (Acroyear II).

Comic 3#3- Defeating the last of Shaitan's Battle Cruisers, Biotron tries to repair the damaged Endeavor while the rest of the Micronauts attempt to locate their missing friend Bug.

Comic 4#4- Bug follows Steve and Ray Coffin into H.E.L.L., while Baron Karza captures the rebel leader Slug back on Homeworld.

Comic 5#5- The evil Prof. Prometheus attempts to capture the Micronauts, but is flung into his own Prometheus Pit by an enraged Ray Coffin. Argon is revealed to have been altered into a centaurion form by Karza.

Comic 6#6- The Micronauts fight their way out of H.E.L.L. by destroying the Humanoids, and Slug and Argon escape the Body Banks.

Comic 7#7- The Micronauts fight the Man-Thing to defend Steve Coffin, and Karza exchanges minds with Prof. Prometheus and emerges man-sized from the Prometheus Pit.

Comic 8#8- Ray Coffin, as Capt. Universe, helps the Micronauts beat back Karza from H.E.L.L., and the Micronauts return to the Microverse.

Comic 9#9- Landing on Spartak, the Micronauts join the Acroyears in fending off Karza's battle fleet. Acroyear attempts to contact the Worldmind for aid. Acroyear's love, Cilicia, is introduced.

Comic 10#10- The Micronauts and the Acroyears beat Karza's forces on Spartak with the help of the Worldmind. Bug is feared killed, and Rann and Mari are taken hostage.

Comic 11#11- The Enigma Force joins with Rann, and together they beat Baron Karza, who is thought to be killed at battle's end.

Comic 12#12- Acroyear kills his brother, Shaitan, in a trial-by-combat on Spartak. Bug is alive, and lands on Kaliklak.

Annual 1Annual #1- Rann and Biotron meet Galactic Defender, Karza takes over Homeworld, and Bug and Acroyear fight in the Great Games in this issue, which takes place one day before issue #1.

Comic 13#13- Bug leads the fight against Karza's remaining forces on Kaliklak, and his lover, Jasmine, is introduced. Rann and Mari decide to leave Homeworld.

Comic 14#14- Bug defeats Karza's forces in the Central Nest, and his father, Wartstaff, is killed. Bug and Acroyear rejoin the Micronauts.

Comic 15#15- The Micronauts encounter the Worldship of Psycho-Man, and fight the Antrons. The Fantastic Four enter the Microverse.

Comic 16#16- Psycho-Man defeats the Fantastic Four and the Micronauts by manipulating their emotions.

Comic 17#17- The Micronauts escape from Psycho-Man's clutches, but not before he kills Jasmine.

Comic 18#18- Fleeing to Earth, the Micronauts are trapped in a doll house where the dolls are being animated mentally by a girl with mind powers.

Comic 19#19- Bug is captured and mutated by Odd John, who sends his mutant insect army out into the world to cause destruction.

Comic 20#20- The insect army and Bug are reverted to normal with the help of Ant-Man. However, the Micronauts are separated during the battle.

Comic 21#21- Mari and Rann fight the evil of the Plant Man. In the Microverse, Prince Shaitan is brought back to life by the Faceless Ones.

Comic 22#22- Bug, Acroyear, Cilicia and Microtron fight off a McDonald's Burglar, while Slug is captured by Argon, who is following orders implanted in him by the late Baron Karza.

Annual 2Annual #2- The Micronauts fight the evil toys of Toymaster, who is revealed to be Prof. Prometheus.

Comic 23#23- Biotron fights the Molecule Man, and by issues end, the Micronauts have rejoined. Pharoid is introduced on Homeworld.

Comic 24#24- The Micronauts face off against the evil computer Computrex, while Pharoid rescues Slug from Shaitan and Argon.

Comic 25#25- The Micronauts fight Mentallo and the Fixer, while on Homeworld, Baron Karza is reborn!

Comic 26#26- The Micronauts and S.H.I.E.L.D. fight Karza and Hydra, Marionette is feared killed, the secrets of the Enigma Force are stolen from Rann's mind by Karza, and an Acroyear warrior, Dagon, is found by Bug and freed from a collection tube.

Comic 27#27- Rann fights Karza, who possesses the power of the Enigma Force, and loses! Biotron is killed by Dagon! Shaitan plots his revenge against Karza.

Comic 28#28- Shaitan burns himself out when he summons the Worldmind from Spartak to fight Karza, but Acroyear uses the power of the Worldmind to defeat Karza! Marionette is revealed to be alive, and Kaliklak's queen Esmera aids in Karza's defeat, at the cost of her own life. Spartak is destroyed, and Rann's mind is brain-blasted.

Comic 29#29- Marionette, Bug, and Acroyear enter Rann's mind to free him from his mind-shock, and learn that unless three keys are found in the Microverse, the Microverse may be destroyed. Dagon is revealed as the traitor who killed Biotron, and he is eliminated.

Comic 30#30- The Micronauts journey to Oceania in search of the first key, and Rann and Marionette are swallowed by a Leviathan. Acroyear journeys to Spartak and accepts the brand of traitor from his people.

Comic 31#31- The inhabitants of Seazone are transmuted into Mer-Humans by Aquon, and the Micronauts recover the first key of the Enigma Force. Acroyear follows the Herald Comet as it streaks past Spartak.

Comic 32#32- The Micronauts journey to Polaria, and watch as Prince Peacock slays the Snowbear, who is really Queen Fria, the woman he loves. Grief-stricken, he gives the Micronauts the second key to the Enigma Force. The Herald Comet explodes, and Acroyear crash lands on Tropica, blinded.

Comic 33#33- On Tropica, Acroyear disrupts the games being played in Mirthria, and in so doing recovers his sight and gains the third key of the Enigma Force. Devil and Fireflyte join him.

Comic 34#34- The Micronauts are betrayed by Force Commander, and barely escape with the three keys and their lives!

Comic 35#35- The origin of the Microverse is revealed. The Micronauts use the three keys to revive the Enigma Force and repair the Spacewall. This was a double-sized issue.

Comic 36#36- Fleeing to Earth, the Micronauts battle the deadly Death Squad and their ebon-Battle Cruiser.

Comic 37#37- In the X-Men's Danger Room, Nightcrawler and the Micronauts battle the mutated Huntarr.

Comic 38#38- In two flashback tales, we learn how Commander Rann earned the rank of Space Glider, and how Bug and Acroyear first met. The was the first of the direct-sales only issues, which were all double-sized.

Comic 39#39- The Micronauts battle the Acroyears in a comics shop, as they have allied themselves with Argon in order to destroy their hated king, Acroyear. The H.M.S. Endeavor is destroyed by battle's end.

Comic 40#40- The Micronauts fight Antrons in the Fantastic Four's Baxter Building Headquarters, in an effort to save the Reducta-Craft from destruction.

Comic 41#41- Dr. Doom fights the Micronauts in a shrunken town, but he is defeated.

Comic 42#42- The evil Dr. Nemesis fights the Wasp and the Micronauts, and by battle's end Acroyear, Bug, and Marionette have been reduced in size by his energy rays and returned to the Microverse.

Comic 43#43- Marionette, Bug, and Acroyear return to the Microverse, ready to wage war against Argon. Rann, Devil, Microtron, and Nanotron enter H.E.L.L., only to find it ruined. However, Computrex and Prof. Prometheus are very much present!

Comic 44#44- The Earth-bound Micronauts wage a desperate battle in H.E.L.L. The Homeworld-bound Micronauts wage a desperate battle in the Microverse.

Comic 45#45- The Micronauts encounter the evil X-Men villain Arcade, and are trapped in his lethal video-games!

Comic 46#46- Nearly drowning, Rann and the Earth-bound Micronauts encounter the Soul Survivors, who left the Microverse years before and were altered into soul-sucking vampires as a result.

Comic 47#47- Attempting to rescue Pharoid, Acroyear and Bug valiantly face off against the Death Squad on Homeworld. A gigantic Biotron-shaped spaceship saves Rann and Devil from the evil Soul Survivors.

Comic 48#48- Microtron and Nanotron give up their lives to give their memories of Biotron to the Bioship, so that their deceased friend can live again.

Comic 49#49- Rann and the Bioship shrink to sub-molecular size and penetrate the Spacewall so they can join in the fight on Homeworld, where Argon is revealed to have been taken over by Baron Karza!

Comic 50#50- Karza battles the Micronauts, and WINS! Pharoid, Slug, Belladonna, Margrace, and Argon (who died in #49) are among the casualties. In addition, Devil's life ends, and Fireflyte's life begins! The remaining Micronauts escape in the Bioship.

Comic 51#51- The Micronauts encounter the Acroyears, after a space battle against Karza's forces. Rann and Fireflyte retreat from reality, in an effort to sway the Enigma Force into aiding the Micronauts.

Comic 52#52- Acroyear gains new armor from the Acroyears, and Cilicia is revealed to be bearing their child!

Comic 53#53- The Micronauts voyage to Prisonworld, where they adopt the personae of gangsters!

Comic 54#54- Trapped in prison, the Micronauts encounter Murder-1, who helps them escape.

Comic 55#55- Huntarr returns to Homeworld, and is crushed by what has been done to his family. Bug and Mari are revealed to be having an affair.

Comic 56#56- The Micronauts fight Battle-Beetles on Bug's homeworld of Kaliklak, and encounter Treefern, Jasmine's little sister. Rann returns to reality.

Comic 57#57- On the planet of Never-Summer, the Micronauts face off against Karza and Captain D'ark, with the help of a native, Ojeeg. Double-sized issue.

X-Men/Micronauts #1-4- Taking place after issue #57, this limited series pits Karza, the Micronauts, and the X-Men, against the evil Entity, a creature ravaging the Microverse. The Bioship dies in this limited series.

Comic 58#58- The final Battle against Baron Karza! Karza has killed every man, woman, and child on Homeworld, and the Micronauts end his life, once and for all! Last issue by Bill Mantlo. The Endeavor II, and a new Biotron and Microtron are revealed.

Comic 59#59- First issue by Peter Gillis, and last issue of the series. Gillis continued writing Micronauts: the New Voyages #1-20. A series of flashback tales of the various Micronauts.

Micronauts: Special Edition #1-5- Reprinting issues #1-12, and the back-up feature of issue #25, of the old series. Only contains 2 or 3 new pages.


Comic 1#1- Due to a warp drive accident, the Endeavor II is launched into new regions of the Microversse, beyond the Spacewall. While fixing the engines, Rann loses his hand. The Micronauts encounter a living Asteroid-alien, who bathes them in deadly radiation.

Comic 2#2- The Micronauts leave the Asteroid-alien, but not before Huntarr has been mutated into an even stranger form. The Micronauts power their engines with an egg taken from the Asteroid-alien.

Comic 3#3- The Micronauts explore a Laser-Planet, and find themselves trapped below. The Endeavor rushes to rescue them, but is bathed in the full force of a laser.

Comic 4#4- While the Micronauts fight deadly underground machinery beneath the Laser-Planet, the Endeavor II, and Biotron and Microtron, are destroyed by a gigantic laser beam.

Comic 5#5- The Micronauts journey to the home planet of the Children of the Dreaming Star, and see the Spacewall in its true shape, that of a gigantic DNA helix. Bug, feeling alienated, decides to leave the Micronauts with the mysterious Solitaire.

Comic 6#6- Bug fantasizes about his importance to the Micronauts, but by issue's end, decides to return to the team.

Comic 7#7- A fill-in issue, the tale of Acroyear's life as a crown prince of Spartak is revealed.

Comic 8#8- Dying of radiation poisoning, it appears that nothing can save the Micronauts. However, Huntarr fights a Hatchling that escaped from the Egg on board the Endeavor, and the Hatchling causes Huntarr to mutate in a way that rebuilds the Micronauts' ravaged bodies.

Comic 9#9- The Micronauts visit the Dreaming Star, and Rann discovers that Devil is somehow still alive on the ruins of Homeworld. Devil's teleport pattern is stored in Biotron.

Comic 10#10- The Micronauts, accompanied by a fleet from the Children of the Dreaming Star, attempt to penetrate the Spacewall in order to reenter the Microverse. They fail, as a Time Traveler destroys the fleet, cripples Marionette, and ages Commander Rann.

Comic 11#11- Rann leaves the Micronauts, in order to voyage back to the Dreaming Star. Our remaining heroes, led by Acroyear, encounter a gigantic alien complex called Breachpoint, a complex that has the power to breach the Spacewall. In order to protect his people, the Acroyears, who have entered the region, Acroyear orders them away, further alienating his people.

Comic 12#12- The Hatchling has mutated into Scion, who declares himself leader of the Micronauts, while on board the Endeavor II. Scion helps the Micronauts breach the Spacewall.

Comic 13#13- Scion leads the Micronauts on a quest for the Zodiac Keys, and they must fight strange aliens in order to retrieve them.

Comic 14#14- While on the refugee planet of Aegis, Scion causes Bug to begin mutating, but the other Micronauts save him.

Comic 15#15- A tale from Mari's past, detailing a chilling story of Baron Karza on Homeworld.

Comic 16#16- The Beyonder journeys to the Microverse, and changes the Micronauts in a way that Scion directs him to; he turns them into Prime Beings.

Comic 17#17- Returning to Homeworld, the Micronauts battle a crazy Devil, and as he dies, he turns back into Fireflyte. Rann rejoins the team.

Comic 18#18- Acroyear meets his people, the Acroyears, and witnesses the birth of his child in an encounter with Cilicia.

Comic 19#19- The Micronauts realize that they must use the Prometheus Pits found on Homeworld in order to stave off the destruction of the Microverse. Rann dons Karza's armor.

Comic 20#20- The final issue of the series, the Micronauts sacrifice themselves in order to save the Microverse.