What are the Aliens?

The Aliens were the last Micronauts released in the United States by Mego before their collapse. Unlike the previous Micronauts, the Aliens did not have a Japanese Microman counterpart; these were original creations.

There is no argument as to the alignment of the Aliens - they are evil, twisted creatures from a bizarre/forbidden mingling of technology and biogenetics.

[Antron] [Centaurus] [Kronos]
Antron Centaurus Kronos
[Lobros] [Membros] [Repto]
Lobros Membros Repto

What are the Alien vehicles/giants?

The alien vehicles are creatures within themselves, taking on the twisted forms of a hornet, an elephant, a shark, a lobster, a dinosaur (actually, two different dinosaurs), and a horse (if you can call him that).

[Ampzilla] [Equestron] [Hornetroid] [Iguanos]
Ampzilla Equestron Hornetroid Iguanos
[Lobstros] [Sharkos] [Terraphant] [Chromantron]
Lobstros Sharkos Terraphant Chromantron

Aliens on DisplayAliens on the move