Rocket Tubes : Air driven tracks push Micronauts around a loop or up a column. Includes a white, non-posable figure and two tube-cars that can hold Time Travelers. There are two Mego versions of the rocket tubes, a standar version, and a deluxe version that has more accessories and 4 feet more of track. Sears also offered a special edition of the Rocket Tubes.

Micropolis Megacity : Capital city of the Micronauts. This city is rather huge with bubble-domes aplenty. It also has a crane/winch unit that perches atop a tower. Several of the modules in the Megacity are not attached, and sit perilously atop girders, so this would not be a good toy for those in earthqauke zones. After putting this thing together (579 pieces), my fingers hurt for days!

StratastationStratastation : One of the first playsets. Has a motorized car that drives around a track. You can stop the car inside the station and use it's motor to raise and lower the elevator or spin things on the rear of the station. The top of the station revolves (when you lower the elevator track) and pops open when the elevator reaches the top.

Cosmic Control Base : The Type 2 form is basically a combination of the Satellite Survey Station and the Interplanetary HQ.

Microrail City : Basically an Interplanetary Headquarters with a motorized monorail car running around it.

Interplanetary Headquaters : Consists of two modules (affectionately referred to as "the basket") with a command chair or two. Also comes with a hand-operated elevator. Oooh! Bubble domes! The "Type 2" version is more hexagonal and has some blasters on top.

Galactic Command Center : The Galactic Command Center is another two part city, but both are narrow, truss like structures. Includes a crane and a raised dais. The "Type 2" version is another hexagonal design and has blasters on the top.

Satellite Survey Station : This is essentially a Galactic Command Center without the crane or dais. The Type 2 Satellite Survey Station is constructed of interlocking triangles on a hexagonal base. Has a hand-operated crane on top.