Vital Statistics
King Atlas

  • Role : Unknown (King)
  • Alignment : Unknown
  • Height : 16.5 cm
  • Weapons : Chest missile (rubber-tipped, 3 included), firing fists (4 fists included)
  • Transportation : Rocket pack, bipedal
  • Special Features : Magno-powered
  • Accessories : Magno-to-Micronaut joint adapters (2)
  • Release Date : 1977/1978

King Atlas is an unknown - a release in the I Micronauti line that never made it to the United States. King Atlas's role in the Micronaut hierarchy is also an unknown. He is obviously a king, but is he good or evil? There is already an evil (presumably) Emperor, which doesn't leave much room for career advancement.
Except for the shape of his head and his coloration King Atlas looks exactly like Baron Karza. He has magnetic ball & socket joints in his arms, legs, and head, with the traditional rocket pack in back. The knees and elbows are held together by the usual one-degree-of-freedom joint. King Atlas is colored blood red, with black highlights on his chest nubs, chest missiles, rocket pack cones, and sinister-looking eyes.
King Atlas Back View King Atlas has a the traditional rocket pack which is all red, except for the upper cones, which are black. A single, black missile protrudes from the front of his midsection, which is fired from a lever which is nestled behind his rocket pack. Both of King Atlas's fists fire, activated from triggers on his forearms. The makers of King Atlas had enough foresight to include two extra of the easy-to-misplace fists. King Atlas was released early enough to have the "unsafe," smaller missiles instead of the large rubber-tipped missiles, such as those included with Emperor.
King Atlas in the box Other than his coloring, King Atlas's head is really the only feature that sets him apart from the other Magno-powered Micronauts. He has triangular eye slits, which are black, and an almost fluted helmet crest - reminiscent of the ancient Greece-era helmets.
King Atlas Centaur King Atlas can become a centaur with the Lantaurion figure by removing his legs at the magno-joint and placing his torso in the cavity left by Lantaurion's head. There is a discrepancy in the release date for King Atlas. The instruction sheets says 1978, but the figure is stamped 1977. King Atlas was distributed in Italy by GiG.

The Box
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