Vital Statistics
Red Falcon

  • Role : Lieutenant to the Emperor
  • Alignment : Evil
  • Height : 16.5 cm
  • Weapons : Firing fists (4 fists included), sword
  • Transportation : Bipedal, eagle wings
  • Special Features : Magno-powered, transforming
  • Accessories : Magno-to-Micronaut joint adapters (2)
  • Release Date : 1977 / 1978

In the Italian instructions that came with Green Baron, et al, Red Falcon is listed as the commander of the red (King Atlas), green (Green Baron), white (Force Commander), and black (Baron Karza) armies as a lieutenant of Emperor. That makes him evil by default, though doubt is shed on the whole arrangement because Force Commander is obviously not evil...
Red Falcon shares the same general body type as Baron Karza but his head style is unique to the magno-powered Micronauts. He has magnetic ball & socket joints in his arms, legs, and head, but no rocket pack. The knees and elbows are held together by the usual one-degree-of-freedom joint. Red Falcon is colored red (imagine that), with a gold chest, a yellow helmet, and bluish facial features. Unlike the other magno-figures, Red Falcon actually looks human (or maybe elven because of the pointed ears).
Red Falcon in the box

Red Falcon eschews the traditional rocket pack for a big sword, just like Emperor's. This sword helps to solidify the idea that Red Falcon is Emperor's lieutenant, as the commander often gives his second his weapon. Both of Red Falcon's fists fire, activated from triggers on his forearms. Two extra fists are included, which is fortunate since they are easy to lose.

Red Falcon differs from the other magno-Micronauts in that he can transform into an bird. Remove the head, and pop the bird torso onto the front. After removing the arms, connect the wings in the magno sockets. Remove the legs and attach the tail of the bird into the leg sockets. Not too much of the original Red Falcon is left after the transformation!

Red Falcon Transformed Many clones (though to call some of them "clones" is a bit of a stretch) have been made of Red Falcon. Click the following link to see a page on the Red Falcon clones.

The Box
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