High Torque Wind-Up Motors

Micronaut Motor PackHigh Torque Wind-Up Motors to fit most micronaut vehicles : is a set of three wind-up motors on a blister pack card. There is no real artwork on the front of the card other than the logo, etc. The back of the card is all black with the standard group shot of the micronauts line in the center.

Micronaut Rings/Pendants

Micronaut RingsThe Micronaut Rings were never really released, though they have been seen in a salesman's sample case. They were going to be introduced about 2 weeks before Mego went out of business. Consequently, Mego went out and the rings never saw any real distribution. The salesman had a total of 9 rings (4 were unique, the other 5 were doubles). They are currently valued by ring collectors at around $500 or more each! No one has heard of them, so until others surface (if they do) they will continue to keep a high price. Each ring has a small tag attached that says Mego Micronauts 1978 $2.95. It is possible that these are the only ones, or that if there were other salesman carrying the line of toys, they might have a few. Update - we've had confirmed reports of Force Commander, Baron Karza, and Acroyear rings plus a fully-jointed Force Commander pendant/necklace.

The World of Micronauts Game

by Milton Bradley, 1978.

(the Inner Flap reads as follows):

Baron Karza has invaded the Micronauts world! His evil presence threatens the security of their spaceport and he must be captured. The Intruder Control tracks the Baron and all the Micronauts join in the chase. The game is designed for use with the MEGO Micronauts but one Baron Karza and four Micronaut pawns with plastic stands are included.

(the back of the box reads):

Lose your earthly identity and become a Micronaut! Your world is now an interplanetary way station for celestial travelers. This peaceful spaceport is suddenly menaced by the arrival of the evil Baron Karza- the most fearsome foe since Attila the Hun! Whatever he's plotting, you know the safety of your world is threatened. You must stop him before he can carry out his dark scheme. Combine forces and try to capture him, but beware! If he lands on you, you're forced back to your starting position. Or just as you're about to close in on him, he can be transported to another area by the Intruder Control or the turn of a card. If you manage to pounce on him before he can get away, you win the game and all the glory!


Micronaut Colorforms playset

ColorformsAll of your favorite Micronauts, from Acroyear II to Karza are in posable pieces that (are supposed to) stick to a colorforms background.

Micronaut Hand Held Weapons

Weapons were a pistol called the "Galactic Lazer" and a rifle called the "Galactic Phazer". There was also a helmet called the "Force Commander Helmet." There is also a Micronaut sparking gun, which is similar in appearance to the Galactic Lazer (except that it's smaller). It has a revving motor inside when you pull the trigger which causes a flint to scrape against a piece of metal and make sparks inside the transluscent red barrel

Baron Karza Halloween Costume (with a Jawa co-star)

Karza Costume

Biotron Halloween Costume

Micronauts LCD Watch

Micronaut Jigsaw Puzzles by American Publishing Corp


This was a bottle of "bubble-stuff" shaped like a robot, and when you squeezed it, the blower ring would pop up out of the top of the head. It came on a card, and believe it or not, it actually carried the Micronauts logo!

Micronaut Mattresses

Details are unclear, but apparently this consisted of material with drawings of Force-commander, Karza & some other mecha, in blues, reds & whites (in various shades), scattered randomly w/the logo over a light blue star field. A fan in Los Angeles confirmed the existence of this but noted that the designs are built into/part of the mattress.

Micronaut Crazy Foam

Rumor has it that there was a Baron Karza Crazy Foam. Can anyone confirm this? Were there any others? Does anyone have any pictures?

Micronaut Pajamas

Rumor has it that Space Glider pajamas were once in existence. They were blue, had Space glider on the front. and the picture was similar to the card art for the figure with a bunch of moons, stars, and planets in the background. Can anyone confirm this? Were there any others? Does anyone have any pictures?