What are Magno-figures?

The magno-powered figures get their name from their magnetic ball-and-socket joints in their legs, shoulders, and heads. These joints give them 180 degree rotation, plus a very reliable method of keeping joints attached. Knee and elbow joints are traditional pin joints with one-degree of freedom. The feet are fixed, but the fists fire with a spring-loaded mechanism.

There is a steady discussion as to the alignment (good/evil) of several of the figures. Rather than speculate, here are what is known so far.

Baron Karza is evil and Force Commander is good. Their alignments are clearly noted on their box/instructions, so there's no doubt. This is the classic 1970s good=white, bad=black stereotype that we now, as a hopefully more rational society, have overcome. Emperor is an unknown, but following the coloring scheme, he would fall under the evil catagory. Green Baron, Red Falcon, and King Atlas have been assumed to be evil, but really are unknowns.

The directions for the Italian versions of King Atlas, Red Falcon, and Green Baron document them as evil. Interestingly enough, it also details a hierarchy of the magno-figures, with Emperor at the top. Red Falcon is next as Emperor's lieutenant, commanding the red, white, green and black armies. Baron Karza, Force Commander, Green Baron, and King Atlas are at the next level, almost as if they are of the same alignment. Following the instructions, it seems that there is less of a good/evil conflict and more of a power struggle among the lesser warlords. This has been equated to the Great Houses in Dune (an excellent series of books by the late Frank Herbert), or to fuedal fiefdoms.

[Emperor] [Baron Karza] [Force Commander]
Emperor Baron Karza Force
[King Atlas] [Green Baron] [Red Falcon]

What are Magno-horses?

The magno-powered horses are a bit of misnomer - the only magnetic joints in normal use are those that hold the missile launchers to the horses' sides. These joints do allow a great deal of freedom of rotation though. When becoming a centaur, however, two metal ball joints in the horses' necks connect with the magnetic hip joints in the magno-figures.

The horses have plastic legs with one-degree-of-freedom joints at the "hip" and knee. The head attaches to the body via a 5mm peg and the neck joint can tilt forward by about 10°. The hooves do not move, nor does the tail.

The horses have some mobilty options by removing their legs and replacing them with wheels (hub and spoke). One set is larger and is solid plastic; the other is smaller and has a rubber tread.

[Megas] [Andromeda]
Megas Andromeda
[Oberon] [Lantaurion] [Pegasus]
Oberon Lantaurion Pegasus